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The demand of IPv6 is increasing, the reason is, that the end of the IPv4 address space is nearby. The operators has to engineer a effective migration strategy. Therefor there are some questions: 

  • What is Carrier Grade NAT?
  • What is Prefix Delegation?
  • What is a Quad A record?
  • How can I monitor IPv6 traffic?
  • SLAAC or static?
  • Is there a security gap in IPv6?
  • Could I use my voice system in a IPv6 environment?
  • What means RFC3971 (SEnd)?
  • Which IPv6 routingprotocol should I use?
  • 6to4 tunneling or is ISATAP better?
  • Is my network equipment ready for dualstack?
  • Is my datacenter ready for IPv6?
  • How can I protect my IPv6 internet access?
  • Which translation strategy (IVI/dIVI, NAT64, DNS64, FTP64) is the right one for me?
  • Do I need more tunneling technologies (DS-Lite/GI-DS-Lite)?

We are able to help you. Our IPv6 praxis approved consultants support you with:

  • IPv6 concepts for all parts, complete IPv6 solutions
  • Pv6 assessments-, deployments and implementations
  • IPv6 operational support
  • projektmanagement
  • customized workshops for IPv6
  • basic and expert trainings for IPv6

To give you an understanding of IPv6, we will offer you some smaller presentations in irregular intervals.